AMLA NATURALS Balancing Facial Wash

$12.95 $15.95


Introducing AMLA NATURALS Balancing Facial Wash, a gentle yet effective cleanser for your daily skincare routine.

We've infused our facial wash with key ingredients such as DMAE Bitartrate and Vitamin C Ester to promote a balanced and revitalized complexion. Green Clay and Pink Clay work harmoniously to draw out impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling purified and refreshed. AMLA Naturals Balancing Facial Wash is great for acne prone and oily skin, cleanses without excessive drying, no harsh chemicals!

At AMLA NATURALS, we believe in the power of nature and sustainability. That's why our Balancing Facial Wash comes in eco-friendly packaging, aligning with our commitment to promoting a greener planet.

Indulge in the rejuvenating experience of AMLA NATURALS Balancing Facial Wash and unveil a fresh and balanced complexion. Embrace the harmonizing benefits of nature while caring for your skin's unique needs.